Meditation can help with a number of everyday problems. It does this by enabling us to focus our minds and to relax our bodies, thus allowing our bodies and minds to heal themselves.

The most common of all these problems, is, undoubtedly, stress. Long term stress can give rise to all manor of different ailments. Meditation allows us to stay calmer and helps heal the damage caused to our minds and bodies.

Whilst Meditation can seem to be quite challenging for most people initially, with regular practise it becomes easier and more natural. Practising meditation within a group has added benefits for the beginner and long term meditator alike. The session is overseen by an experienced group leader where any assistance required can be obtained on the spot, if any issues arise.

Gerry has been practising meditation for many years and has led Meditation Groups  since 2011. We currently run a weekly online Meditation session that lasts up to an hour.

  • Thursday evening at 8.00pm

The cost for a single session only is £5 (payable in advance), however, a payment of just £10 will cover all sessions run during the current calendar month. If you have already signed up goto our Online Link page and follow the link.

Beginners are always very welcome and don’t concern yourself, you don’t need to sit like the lady in the picture!

For further details, please send your request directly to Gerry via our Contact Form.

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