Energy healing is practised by many people in many different ways. I started out as a Spiritual Healer, later training in Reiki to Master/Teacher level and then trained in Angelic Reiki, also to Master/Teacher level.

Gerry says “I am often asked the differences between the various methods and my answer is that they all use forms of Universal Energy. Spiritual Healing and Reiki are, basically, the same, accessing the same Universal Energy. With Angelic Reiki, however, the healing energies come directly from the Angelic Realms and other higher dimensions.”


All energy healing, from whatever source, has unlimited possibilities. The degree of influence, to which the Healer is, themselves responsible, is more in the intention and application rather than the result. Because the healing itself comes from an external source, it allows the Healer to concentrate on holding the connection rather than to concern themselves with exactly how the healing is taking place.

In all cases, the healing energies make possible the healing processes, however, it is actually completed by the person being healed, themselves, if they truly desire to be healed on all levels and it is for their highest good.

Disclaimer: Whilst many people have reported physical and/or emotional benefits from attending healing sessions, There can be no promise or guarantee of any particular result.

Please Note: Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are only offer Distance Healing (free) and home visits. Please send your request for Healing directly to Gerry via our Contact Form for more details.